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A sort of WIP dump of various little bits that I might find interesting, or scraps of useful code I might need later. Click here to go back to my homepage at JamesO2.NeoCities.ORG.

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Cool GIF Findings:

*jiggy* *SnS eggs* *SM64 coin**SM64 coin**SM64 coin* *Luigi*

GIFy pics

*Rare* *Rare* *Rare* *Rare* *Rare**Rare* *Rare*
NOTE: Remember to add target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener" to any hyperlinks that direct to an external site, that way they open a new window/tab, and don't re-direct away from this site.

GoogleDrive direct file access:


First Section + File ID + Last Section + [FILE_ID] + &export=download

Sample using Rock_ON.mp3:

First Section + File ID + Last Section + 1fupCqJn2oYX6YqNTdw7vdEzUvwpEnc58 + &export=download
Will look liks this:

This link will point DIRECTLY to your MP3 file.

Answer found here:

Cool CSS Background effect!
Cool CSS Background effect!