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News & Updates

Sticky: Style Updates

Mostly a minor update, some experiments with the CSS and such. I've got a lot of stuff on my computer that I want to get in a more "finished" state before I upload the changes to NeoCities.

Art Commissions

Profile Icon of JamesO2
Profile Icon by JamesO2

So recently I've been having some financial issues. A lot of unexpected bills falling on the same date. So I'm opening up commissions for Custom Pixel Profile Icons to help me get these bills paid and on track.

You can head over to my Ko-Fi page to get one for yourself! If it doesn't pop-up automatically, you'll see the Commissions box on the left (might have to scroll down a bit).

If you'd like to hire me for a bigger project, contact me through email or direct message to discuss rates.
My current portfolio site:

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