NeoCities "Site to User-Profile" Tool

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What is this page?

NeoCities site URLs are formatted as...

but User Profile pages are formatted as...

When you are on a NeoCties site, there isn't a simple way to get to that person's User Profile page (so you can follow them, comment, etc). You have to manually change the URL, or hope the person has a link to their Profile Page on their site.

This Bookmarklet is a simple little tool which creates a dynamic link directly to any person's NeoCities "User Profile" page -- essentially giving you a "magic button" to quickly navigate there, on-the-fly. To use this tool, simply drag-n-drop the yellow button above into your browser's Bookmarks toolbar (if you're on a mobile device, you might have to long-press it and "copy link location" to manually enter it in your bookmarks).

Once the button is in your Bookmarks panel, simply click on it when you are on a "" site, and you will be instantly transported to their User Profile page. Simple! If you are not currently on a NeoCities site when you click it, the tool will instead display a message "This is not a NeoCities site!".

What is a "Bookmarklet" and how does this Button even work?

A "Bookmarklet" is a little snippet of JavaScript that can do all sorts of neat things in your browser. It's saved like any normal "bookmark" link, except instead of linking to a webpage, it executes a little script. This bookmarklet here is a Script I wrote, which will check the URL of the site you are on to see if it is at "" -- and if it finds that, it'll extract the USERNAME, and re-arrange the URL automatically to take you to that person's User Page. Cool!

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This page and script designed by JamesO2 (2020), for use with the NeoCities hosting platform. Click the Logo below to go back to my site!

Last updated: 2021.01.01