Google Drive - Audio Link Extractor

[google shared link] This let's you turn a public Google Drive "Shared Link" into a direct-link (download link). This can be used to play audio/video elements on an HTML page while sourcing the file directly from your Google Drive. This is really useful for NeoCities sites, because NeoCities doesn't allow the upload of MP3 or other audio files (unless you have a supporter account).

NOTE: This only works with files you've set to "share with a link." This method takes advantage of a hidden feature of Google Drive. Also, due to the nature of how Google operates, things like this are prone to changing (without warning) at any time in the future. So it's possible this method might break at some point. As of writing this (January 1st, 2021), it is working.

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Last updated: 2021.01.01