2022 Songs

Thumb Time Title Link Archive Mood Description
3:27 Your Time Will Come Archive Somber This song title suggests a serious and reflective tone, possibly about the inevitability of consequences.
3:26 The only thing I know for real Traditional Japanese version but with vocals. Archive Intense The use of "for real" in the title implies a sense of authenticity or urgency, and the mention of a traditional Japanese version suggests a cultural significance or depth.
2:30 Ride on shooting star/the pillows Archive Energetic The use of "ride" and "shooting star" in the title implies a sense of motion and excitement, which is reinforced by the upbeat music of The Pillows.
58:34 Breakcore to zone out to in club Cyberia Archive Hypnotic The use of "zone out" suggests a trance-like state, while "Cyberia" invokes images of technology and futurism.
2:35 Fooly Cooly! - Ride On Shooting Star - Female English Cover Archive Nostalgic "Fooly Cooly" is a reference to the anime series "FLCL," which has a cult following. The use of a female English cover suggests a new take on a beloved classic, possibly evoking feelings of nostalgia.
5:42 Chocolate Rain - Stickerbush Symphony (Unused Version) - Donkey Kong Country 2 Archive Melancholic The combination of "chocolate rain" and "stickerbush symphony" suggests a mix of sweet and somber elements, while the mention of an unused version of a video game soundtrack adds an air of mystery.
4:31 Duvet (cyberpunk/synthwave 80s remix) Archive Futuristic The use of "cyberpunk" and "synthwave 80s" suggests a futuristic, retro-futuristic blend of music styles.
4:52 Sonic The Hedgehog 2 [OST] - Emerald Hill [Extended By 8-BeatsVGM] Archive Upbeat The use of "Sonic The Hedgehog 2" suggests a fast-paced, action-packed game soundtrack, while "Emerald Hill" and "Extended" suggest a longer, more upbeat version of the track.
3:29 Old Man Archive Reflective This song title suggests a focus on age, wisdom, and the passage of time, possibly evoking a sense of introspection or contemplation.
3:29 Ben Harper - "Inland Empire" Archive Soothing The name "Ben Harper" is associated with calm, acoustic music, and "Inland Empire" suggests a tranquil, natural setting.
65:34 SUPERSONIC: A Sonic Remix Album || Full Album Stream Archive Energetic A collection of Sonic remixes with a fast-paced and exciting sound.
3:38 SIAMÉS "All The Best" [Official Animated Music Video] Archive Optimistic The use of "All The Best" suggests a positive and hopeful message, while the mention of an animated music video implies a fun and lighthearted tone.
2:06 I filled my guitar with water and it sounds UNREAL Archive Experimental This title suggests a unique and unusual musical experiment, possibly involving unconventional instruments or techniques.
4:18 One Winged Angel in the Rugrats soundfont Archive Humorous The combination of a serious song title ("One Winged Angel") with a reference to a children's show ("Rugrats soundfont") suggests a humorous or ironic tone.
5:25 POLLYANNA: An Animated Earthbound Tribute Archive Nostalgic "Pollyanna" is a reference to a classic song from the video game "Mother" (known as "Earthbound Beginnings" in the West), and "Animated Earthbound Tribute" suggests a nostalgic homage to the game.
1:46 there's a ninja inside of us all Archive Mysterious An enigmatic title that suggests a hidden, powerful force within us.
1:26 brotherly rivalry Archive Tense The title implies a competitive, perhaps hostile relationship between siblings.
3:40 ThIIIrd Person - I Don't Wanna Pee (While Also Cryin And Pukin And Fardin And Shiddin) Archive Humorous A comedic title that highlights the ridiculousness of the situation.
8:05 KK Slider - Plastic Love (Mariya Takeuchi) Archive Chill A cover of a Japanese city pop song with a relaxing, laid-back vibe.
5:22 Mother: Pollyanna Jazz/Funk Cover (feat. FamilyJules, Adrisaurus & Sab Irene) Archive Upbeat A jazz/funk cover of a song from the video game Mother, with an energetic and lively sound.
3:26 because i love you remix : earthbound Archive Romantic A remix of a song from the video game Earthbound, with a sentimental and emotional feel.
2:58 Famitracker Bits - Wisdom of the World / Queen Mary's Castle (MOTHER/Earthbound Beginnings) [VRC6] Archive Nostalgic A remix of music from the video game Mother, with a chiptune-style sound reminiscent of classic video games.
72:41 pisca d&b mix to dematerialize to Archive Calming A drum and bass mix with a soothing, relaxing feel.
62:33 1 Hour of MOTHER (Earthbound) Jazz Remix Compilation Archive Jazzy A compilation of jazz remixes of music from the video game Earthbound.
3:03 I'm Tired of Existing Archive Melancholic A title that suggests a feeling of weariness and sadness.
4:34 Hatsune Miku - Last Christmas Archive Festive A cover of the classic Christmas song with a cheerful and upbeat sound.
5:54 Bohemiku Rhapsody Archive Eclectic A pun on the title of the song "Bohemian Rhapsody," suggesting a unique and varied sound.
3:18 ALL STAR BUT HATSUNE MIKU SINGS EVERYTHING Archive Playful A playful mashup of various songs with the Vocaloid character Hatsune Miku singing.
2:16 Spooky Scary Skeletons (Vocaloid HATSUNE MIKU cover! + VSQX DOWNLOAD) Archive Spooky A spooky cover of the Halloween classic with a Vocaloid twist.
4:03 Somebody Miku Used To Know Archive Nostalgic A cover of the song "Somebody That I Used To Know" with a nostalgic feel.
2:20 Weezer - Buddy Holly but it’s Bob-Omb Battlefield - Super Mario 64 Archive Nostalgic A mashup of the Weezer song "Buddy Holly" and music from the video game Super Mario 64, with a nostalgic sound.
5:38 Sonic Origins/3 & Knuckles Limitless - Launch Base Act 2 (Refined) Archive Energetic A remix of music from the video game Sonic the Hedgehog with a fast-paced, high-energy sound.