The Power of God and Anemo

Genshin Impact Profile Pics

The images below are presented in 4 variants: Anemo Shading, Cool Shading, Mood Shading, and Warm Shading.

Simply right-click and "save image" to use them for whatever you want.

Original Style

OSzjwOU.png QFjWn5u.png 6wNvKdu.png C7Mqz7y.png

Cel Shaded

J8cVy4H.png Z1zbZjl.png GpMTWof.png fTL7dIt.png

Harsh Lighting

uArWGu0.png 2XpuVen.png FWCgX8S.png LMHotKC.png

Airbrush, Coloring Book, Flat Color

AZyqrWI.png tsEWRM3.png E4CeRgJ.png

Bonus: Coloring Book Full Version

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