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NOTE: This page is very WIP. At this moment, I'm just gonna dump some thoughts, and maybe a quick list I made, and improve upon it later. I'll try to add a little (NEW) sticker to indicate that a certain section has been updated. Right now, the whole site is basically (NEW) !

I may also use this placeholder image in some sections that I haven't taken screenshots of yet. It's a little GIF I made of my character Allison.

What exactly is a "Cozy Homepage"!?

Have you ever stumbled upon a small website that is just so humble and personal, that it feels as if you accidently walked into someone's home uninvited? A virtual space that is so meticulously decorated, that it feels like you're sitting in someone's bedroom, just looking at the posters on their wall, and how they arrange their things by their nightstand. These sites often get little (or no) traffic, or at best, only a certain kind of traffic (for example, portfolio sites for a very specific kind of art might only attract a small circle of industry clients). Not to mention, most of these sort of "personal pages" have been largely replaced by massive social media sites. Instead of posting your music on your homepage, you'll get more traffic on BandCamp or SoundCloud. Your writing will get more traffic on Medium.com. Your art will get more traffic on Twitter, or Instagram. Etc, etc.

There are many homepages like this scattered accross the internet. Most of them abandoned, or neglected to time, and suffering from a phenomena known as link rot. These tiny personal sites thrived in the age of GeoCities (and seems to have seen a revival with NeoCities), when the young internet was a proverbial "wild west," and no one really knew what to do with it. So people used the internet to do what people do naturally: talk about things they like, explain who they are, setup fan pages, pour their hearts out, share art, poetry, and music. In short, self expression.

Before the advent of major social media sites, people had to make the internet a social space, directly. Human connections weren't centralized in large databases, and served to us on complex interactive programs (basically what modern sites are: programs executing scripts). In the age of static web pages, a website was just a document. And there is so much you can do with a blank document. Websites of this period were less like the empty text-boxes of Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit... and more like an empty canvas.

The subtlest of details could tell you a whole world about the author: the font choice, the background color, what kinds of GIFs they used. For better or worse, these cacaphonies of (what often was) sensory overload were very... personal. Very human. Stumbling accross these abandoned personal sites over the decades is what inspired me to make this page. I want to archive the weird little corners of the internet I find, and also record my thoughts and feelings about them - In turn, making my own "personal cozy homepage" as a personal reflection on these very sites, why I'm drawn to them, and what they mean to me. Maybe you'll start to get a feel for who I am simply by reading this list and exploring the sites yourself. Who knows... one day, 40 years from now, maybe someone will stumble across my page and have their own weird personal experience with it - and generate an indescribale sense of relatedness that will carry with them over the years.

In a weird way, stumbling across these kinds of sites has an almost... anthropological, or archeological feeling to them - you witness a period of the past, with aged design trends, old Bush-era worries, thoughts, and feelings that are decades old now. But you experience them right here in the present. It's not unlike the experience of finding a stray stone arrowhead in the forest, and wondering who made it, who shot it, when did they live, what kinds of creatures did they hunt and see? And most curious of all... were they happy? Did they feel in the same ways that I do? Did they also feel connected to (and sometimes dis-connceted from) others?

Below you'll find a list of some of these interesting sites I've found.

List of Cozy Homepages (that I've stumbled accross and collected over the years)

I really really love weird little homepages. I have a huge folder in my bookmarks full of odd, useful, and useless pages! I've been calling the folder "Cozy Homepages" because a lot of them have have that real personal old-school Geocities feel.

I'm gonna link to a post I made on NewGrounds here, which was the orignal spark that ignited my desire to make this page. The list I posted there is sort of the "first draft" of what this page will become. I'm writing these HTML pages manually in a text editor, so I need to be very thoughtful on how I want to format a page.

The sections below will be MUCH more in depth than the quick little list I posted on NewGrounds.

Table of Contents (Page Anchors)

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[no-icon] Pixelatomy (NEW) 2020.12.25 (NEW) 2020.12.26 #voxel #art #music #webdesign #programming ???
[no-icon] Mario Paint Guide (Leah's Necklaces) (NEW) 2020.12.26 (NEW) 2020.12.26 #art #pixel #videogames #mariopaint #perlerbeads ???
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[no-icon] Pixelatomy (NEW)

Pixelatomy as seen in 2020 Pixelatomy as seen in 2011 Live URL: pixelatomy.com
Archive URL: https://web.archive.org/web/20110301000000*/https://pixelatomy.com/
Site Author: Devin Spikowski
Published Date: 2011, with major site design change around 2013.
Date I Found It: 2020
Tags: #voxel #art #music #webdesign #programming

n o t h i n g o f p a r t i c u l a r i n t e r e s t n o t h i n g o f p a r t i c u l a r i n t e r e s t n o t h i n g o f p a r t i c u l a r i n t e r e s t n o t h i n g o f p a r t i c u l a r i n t e r e s t n o t h i n g o f p a r t i c u l a r i n t e r e s t n o t h i n g o f p a r t i c u l a r i n t e r e s t n o t h i n g o f p a r t i c u l a r i n t e r e s t n o t h i n g o f p a r t i c u l a r i n t e r e s t n o t h i n g o f p a r t i c u l a r i n t e r e s t n o t h i n g o f p a r t i c u l a r i n t e r e s t

My Thoughts:

The homepage of Devin Spikowski. Very simple design. "Nothing of particular interest" is written reapeatedly across the page, with a few links to his other sites scattered about. The links are punctuated with a black background color. I love the raw HTML simplicity of this layout.

Picture of Vegeta
Empress Zoia in Voxels, by vegeta897
"Empress Zoia in Voxels"

You can find links for his GitHub, SoundCloud, DeviantArt, BandCamp, YouTube channel, and InstaGram page. He seems to use the handle "vegeta897" on these sites.

There's some really cool Voxel Art on his DeviantArt page. I'm really digging this voxel art. I haven't had a chance yet to really sit down and go through his music pages, so I don't have an opinion on that at the moment.

If you check the Archive, his site had a really interesting almost NewGrounds-esque vibe back in 2011. It also seems to be centered around freelance web design exclusively (basically acting like a work portfolio/resume), where as the newer site has links to music pages and other more personal art touches. You can check that out here: web.archive.org, though it looks like most of the buttons are broken.

Note to Self: Come back to this site and give it a more thorough browsing. I didn't give his art and music pages a full go-through, and I want to check them out in more detail. Maybe I can add a section with a small interview also, at least for those authors who can still be contacted.

[no-icon] Mario Paint Guide (Leah's Necklaces) (NEW)

Homepage Homepage Album art for Beatles Love Movie poster for Ghost Movie poster for 1989 Batman Live URL: www.mario-paint-guide.com
Archive URL: https://web.archive.org/web/20150815000000*/https://www.mario-paint-guide.com/
Site Author: Leah's friend (?)
Published Date: Somewhere between 2010 - 2012
Date I Found It: 2020
Tags: #art #pixel #videogames #mariopaint #perlerbeads

If you don’t know what Mario Paint is, and you aren’t already excited to find out what stuff you can make in it, then this page clearly isn’t for you. On the other hand, if you do already know what Mario Paint is, and you are already excited to find out what stuff you can make in it, then this is THE page for you!

My Thoughts:
Batman NES
Batman NES sprite recreation.

A very simple static-site full of interesting pixel art, all formatted in a way that makes them easy to implement into the SNES game Mario Paint. Some of the pixel art is original, and some are recreations of other games' art, but within the Mario Paint palette limitations.

Mario 2 Potion
Potions from Super Mario Bros 2.

The site's URL is titled "Mario Paint Guide", but the header at the top of the page says "Leah's Necklaces." If you click on the "Leah's Necklaces" image, you'll get a bit of backstory on the site.

It appears that the site was not made by Leah herself, but by a friend of Leah's. The Necklaces page chronicles how the two of them met at a Florida rave in 2010 (though the site author's name doesn't appear to be mentioned), and from there collaborated to make the website. Leah herself has a knack for making perler-bead art, while the un-named author has a love for Mario Paint pixel artwork.

There's an old-styled "visitor" counter on the site, but it seems to be broken on the live page itself. It says "1616 visitors since December 13, 2012" - But looking at the site on Archive.org, the last recorded visitor number was in 2019 at 8079. Not sure which one is correct. Eitherway, it's likely that the page hasn't gotten much more visitors since then (other than me!).

It appears that the site has not changed much at all since its inception. Updates to the site are just lists of links to new pages, with dates plastered next to them. Very bare-bones, but there is a lot of cool content here! Check out some of the huge pixel murals.

Calvin and Hobbs
Calvin & Hobbes mural.

I found this site when I was trying to do some of my own research on the unique pixel art found in the Mario Paint Official Player's Guide. This is how I stumbled onto "mario-paint-guide.com" and was pleasantly surprised by a very small and dedicated Mario Paint fan page. This is also how I stumbled upon the Archive.org website itself, and learned that there's TONS of awesome stuff there.

Oh, and here's a link to the actual Mario Paint Official Player's Guide. You can flip through the pages like a real book too! This book itself aparently only has 2,254 views (as of writing this on 2020.12.26).


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Site Author: #
Published Date: Unknown
Date I Found It: Unknown
Tags: #


My Thoughts:

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