Genshin Impact Art


This is gonna be more of a personal post, and less of a site-update.

Yesterday I had one of my illustrations blow up on Reddit. It was a goofy piece I did starring the Genshin Impact main character Lumine making a funny face. I know it doesn't mean much, but I wasn't expecting to get 3.5k upvotes in just a day and a half. I also got a bunch of nice feedback and convos from Genshin fans. I think I got some follows out of that post too, which is nice.

(God and Anemo)

And I'm not 100% certain, but someone donated to my Ko-Fi page during all of this, and my best guess is that it was the result of my Genshin post blowing up on Reddit. Or, it could have been from the Ko-fi twitter spotlight they did for me recently too (thanks Sophie Parker!) -- I only got like 35 likes out of that one, but also a bunch of new followers, which is cool. :)

It's been a busy week for me it seems. I got a lot of artwork done, making good progress on my software, learning JS, and lots of updates to this site. It's a little overwhelming sometimes when a lot happens at once, but I think I'm managing ok.

Oh yeah, and before I forget: I also made a new page here on NeoCities. It's a page with some Genshin Impact profile pic avatar icon things. Part of the reason I made that page was that I made too many icons to easily share in a Reddit/Twitter/etc type post. The other reason is that it gave me a good excuse to try making a HTML/CSS image gallery that's r_esponsive_ and using FlexBox.

I think I did pretty ok on it.

I need to make some tweaks so that it serves up thumbnail images that link to higher-res images -- right now my page just loads the full-res images, and it's pretty slow to load.

I also learned some important things about image sizing with that page -- Particularly, how to cap an image's height so that it isn't six screens tall, and a person isn't able to actually see the image. I can use Viewport Units (vh, vw) to set an image to limit it's size to, say, half the screen height.

This will also be important for my Breath of the Wild photo gallery page, because I realized that the photos are WAY too large on normal viewing (In the Codepen I was developing it in, the viewport was shrunken so I didn't notice this at the time).

Wow, ok, I wrote a lot here. I should get to bed. It's 4:32 AM right now. And I need to go to the library soon to renew my library card. Man, I haven't been to the library in like a year. I miss that quiet space. :/

Anyway, logging off now. If you actually read all this, I really appreciate it! I don't have a comments section setup here yet -- so if you want to get a hold of me, or just say hey, you can message me on NeoCities here, or drop me a message on Twitter or something.