2020 Songs

Thumb Time Title Link Archive Mood Description
8:14 That 1 Guy - Forgotten Whales (live) Archive Mellow A live performance by That 1 Guy featuring the song "Forgotten Whales".
31:50 VLDC9 Music Extended - Abstract Map Archive Energetic An extended version of the music from the Abstract Map level in the video game "Vanilla Level Design Contest 9".
0:00 [Deleted video] Archive Unknown No information is available about this song.
1:46 CRTelecaster at Home Archive Relaxing A calming and soothing guitar instrumental performed by CRTelecaster.
4:08 Battles - Atlas Archive Intense A high-energy and intense song by the band Battles.
0:59 電磁祭囃子 in NEO TOKYO 🏮 Archive Energetic A fast-paced and energetic electronic track with traditional Japanese elements.
2:28 demonic little grey cat theme song Archive Creepy A creepy and unsettling theme song featuring a demonic little grey cat.
30:26 Lo-fi for Angels (Only) [lofi / calm / chill beats] Archive Calming A calm and relaxing lo-fi beat with a heavenly sound.
0:31 Water and Water and Water Water Archive Calming A calming and peaceful instrumental piece with a repeating water sound.
3:15 Falling | Serial Experiments Lain × Dua Lipa Archive Moody A moody and atmospheric remix featuring the anime "Serial Experiments Lain" and Dua Lipa.
2:10 8-Bit Solidarity Forever Archive Upbeat An upbeat 8-bit version of the labor union anthem "Solidarity Forever".
3:24 Lain opening [Full] Archive Moody The moody and atmospheric opening theme to the anime "Serial Experiments Lain".
3:28 This World Is Not My Home Archive Melancholy A melancholic and somber song about feeling out of place in the world.
3:18 This world is not my home Archive Melancholy A melancholic and somber song about feeling out of place in the world.
66:48 1 Hour Of Melancholic Sovietwave 2nd Mix Archive Melancholy A melancholic mix of Sovietwave music lasting for an hour.
6:05 Majora's Mask | Song of Healing for Piano Solo HD Archive Calming A calming piano solo arrangement of the "Song of Healing" from "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask".
4:42 1816, The year without a summer - Rasputina Archive Melancholy A melancholic song about the year without a summer in 1816, performed by Rasputina.
11:51 🎵 WALUIGI VS SMASH BROS BATTLE RAP TRILOGY - REMASTERED 🎵 Archive Energetic A high-energy and entertaining rap battle between Waluigi and characters from Super Smash Bros.
1:52 Creative Exercise - Mario Paint - Famitracker (8-Bit) Archive Creative An original and creative 8-bit track created using the software Mario Paint and Famitracker.
110:33 Dark Lofi Hip Hop Beats to Lie Awake and Succumb to Crippling Anxiety to Archive Dark A moody and atmospheric lo-fi hip hop beat with
1:23 GTA Vice City - Theme | FL Studio Cover & Free FLP Archive Nostalgic A cover of the iconic theme song from the video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
1:26 Save me - Fan Animated Music Video - Witch Bunny ( FLASH WARNING) Archive Emotional An animated music video featuring an emotional ballad about love and loss
2:48 Scott Pilgrim - 16-bit era Plumtree cover Archive Upbeat A cover of a song featured in the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, with a lively 16-bit era sound
0:50 Donkey Kong Country - Bonus Room Blitz | PUNK COVER Archive Energetic A punk rock cover of the bonus room music from the classic video game Donkey Kong Country
5:44 Dragula (Si Non Oscillas, Noli Tintinnare Mix) - Jet Set Radio Archive Intense A remix of Rob Zombie's hit song Dragula, with an intense and fast-paced beat
2:54 He's a Family Guy - Jet Set Radio Evolution Archive Quirky A quirky and upbeat song from the video game Jet Set Radio Future, featuring samples from the TV show Family Guy
2:51 Fountains Of Wayne - Denise (Official Music Video) Archive Lighthearted A lighthearted and catchy pop song about a girl named Denise by the band Fountains of Wayne
3:13 Fountains Of Wayne - Sink to the Bottom (Official Music Video) Archive Melancholic A melancholic and introspective song about failure and regret by the band Fountains of Wayne
3:29 Ben Harper - "Inland Empire" Archive Soulful A soulful and bluesy song with a touch of gospel by American singer-songwriter Ben Harper
2:51 Where Evil Grows Archive Sinister A sinister and eerie song about evil and corruption by the Canadian rock band The Poppy Family
2:49 Tunes of Anarchy - Where Evil Grows (Sega Genesis Cover) Archive Aggressive An aggressive and intense cover of the song Where Evil Grows, featuring heavy metal guitars and pounding drums
1:22 Song of Healing - The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask [Piano Tutorial] (Synthesia) Archive Calming A calming and soothing piano rendition of the Song of Healing from the video game The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
4:58 A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup ...for Pumpkin Hill (US Version) - Sonic Adventure 2 Archive Spooky A spooky and atmospheric hip hop song from the video game Sonic Adventure 2, featuring lyrics about ghosts and pumpkins
7:17 Cowboy Bebop's "The Real Folk Blues" Special Performance feat. Yoko Kanno, Steve Blum, and more Archive Melancholic A melancholic and soulful performance of the song "The Real Folk Blues" from the anime Cowboy Bebop
3:37 Eve of Destruction(Lyrics) Archive Protest A protest song from the 1960s, with lyrics that criticize the military-industrial complex and the Vietnam War
2:50 📻Something For Your M.I.N.D. - superorganism Archive Psychedelic A psychedelic and experimental pop song by the band Superorganism, with trippy lyrics and a catchy beat
2:55 Sonic 2 (Game Gear/Master System) Re-Imagined - Sky High Zone Archive Dreamy A dreamy and ethereal reimagining of the Sky High Zone music from the video game Sonic the Hedgehog 2
10:24 Sonic CD - Palmtree Panic Past (Sega Genesis 16-bit Remix) Archive Uplifting A remixed version of the original Sonic CD soundtrack.
2:02 Creative Exercise - Mario Paint Archive Calming A simple, soothing tune composed in the Mario Paint video game.
0:00 [Deleted video] Archive N/A No information available.
1:06 Super Mario Bros. Music - Invincible (Latin America Version) Archive Energetic The invincible theme from the Latin American version of Super Mario Bros. video game.
4:25 Green Hills (Act 1) - Sonic Advance Styled Remix Archive Adventurous A remixed version of the Green Hills Zone theme from Sonic the Hedgehog video game series.
1:45 tuba knight boss theme Archive Intense The boss theme from an unknown video game.
2:45 Metroid (NES) - Brinstar Acapella Archive Mysterious A vocal rendition of the Brinstar theme from the Metroid video game.
3:27 Sandopolis Zone - Sonic & Knuckles [METAL COVER] | LongestSoloEver Archive Energetic A heavy metal cover of the Sandopolis Zone theme from Sonic & Knuckles video game.
5:05 That's The Way I Like It... For Metal Harbor - Crush 40 (SKA Punk Cover) Ft. @J-MUSIC Ensemble Archive Energetic A ska punk cover of the Metal Harbor theme from Sonic Adventure 2 video game.
2:02 Hey, give this song a name! Archive Creative An untitled song, possibly composed by the uploader.
3:23 The Flintstones (SNES) - Unused Song 2 Archive Quirky An unused track from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System game based on the Flintstones TV show.
1:51 R.I.P. – Destroy It feat. Nick Stratton (Official Audio) | from Twins in Paradise by vewn Archive Intense An intense electronic track featuring vocals by Nick Stratton.
4:50 Chrono Trigger - Secret Of The Forest (Lofi Hip Hop Remix) Archive Calming A lo-fi hip hop remix of the Secret of the Forest theme from Chrono Trigger video game.
49:57 Instrumental Math Rock Mix Archive Energetic An instrumental mix of various math rock songs.
2:54 Sure Sure - Fat Lady (Official Audio) Archive Upbeat A lively, upbeat indie rock song.
4:15 Tribute to anomalocaris Archive Mysterious A tribute to Anomalocaris, an extinct marine creature.
4:02 Pumped Up Kicks (Bardcore | Medieval Style with Vocals - Original by Cornelius Link) Archive Quirky A medieval-style cover of the song "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People.
2:41 Pavement - Gold Soundz (Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour) Archive Upbeat A lively indie rock song featured in the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World video game.
4:17 Do You Realize?? - Sharon Van Etten Archive Emotional A heartfelt cover of the song "Do You Realize??" by The Flaming Lips.
2:42 Europe - The Final Countdown - Kazookeylele - Ukulele - Pockets - Cover Archive Quirky A unique cover of the hit song "The Final Countdown" by Europe, performed on kazookeylele and ukulele.
4:44 Reel Big Fish - Drunk Again Music Video Archive Sad A music video featuring the band members drinking and performing
27:43 Legend of Zelda - Vaporwave/Synthwave Ultimate Mix ( Z E L D A W A V E ) Archive Dreamy A remix of Zelda soundtrack with vaporwave and synthwave elements
11:23 Weird Al Yankovic - Albuquerque: THE MOVIE Archive Humorous A parody song by Weird Al Yankovic with a humorous storyline
3:48 Weird Al Yankovic - Everything You Know Is Wrong Archive Sarcastic A satirical song by Weird Al Yankovic challenging the common beliefs
5:03 "Weird Al" Yankovic - Angry White Boy Polka (HQ Audio flash version) Archive Angry A polka-style mashup of angry songs by Weird Al Yankovic
3:43 C. Allen | Globetrotter (Oscilloscope Music) Archive Experimental A music video featuring oscilloscope-generated visuals and sounds
2:07 Jobless Monday Archive Melancholic A lo-fi song with a slow and sad melody
1:49 Matt Wilson/Robot Sock - First Wave Goodbye Archive Nostalgic A dreamy song with a sentimental melody
3:15 Phil's Crazy-Ass Journey Full OST Archive Intense A soundtrack with an intense, high-energy vibe
69:53 tui || relaxing nintendo night music Archive Relaxing A calming and peaceful tune for winding down
0:42 The Fucking Bullshit Song Archive Aggressive A song with explicit lyrics and an angry tone
2:36 Super Mario World - [GFM Overworld Theme TRAP REMIX!!!] 4K Archive Energetic A remix of the classic Super Mario World theme song in a trap style.
0:00 [Deleted video] Archive - -
21:19 Scooby-Doo! Where Are You? Full Soundtrack (Background Music) Archive Nostalgic A compilation of classic background music from the cartoon
1:36 YMCK / starlight(Short Ver.) Archive Dreamy A dreamy and nostalgic tune with a retro-style vibe
600:37 Redbone lofi 10 HOURS Archive Calming A 10-hour loop of a chill, lo-fi remix of Redbone
37:18 FUTURE FUNK MIX TAPE Archive Energetic A mixtape featuring high-energy, upbeat future funk songs
75:04 Japanese indie rock songs I think you should listen at least once/playlist Archive Upbeat A playlist of various Japanese indie rock songs
28:24 Zeldawave II Archive Dreamy A remix of Zelda soundtrack with a dreamy and nostalgic vibe
2:01 The White Stripes - Fell In Love With A Girl (Official Music Video) Archive Upbeat An upbeat rock song with a catchy guitar riff
3:08 The White Stripes - Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground (Official Music Video) Archive Melancholic A melancholic rock song with a slow tempo and reflective lyrics
83:03 Silent Chill Redux [Relaxing Music from Silent Hill 2 & 3] Archive Creepy A compilation of atmospheric music from Silent Hill 2 & 3
4:28 Melted Moon - Spaceburst (Live in Bremen 11.04.2014) Archive Intense A live performance of a high-energy song with a heavy beat
0:00 [Deleted video] Archive - -
2:58 Full Steam Ahead (Spirit Tracks) Guitar Cover Archive Energetic A guitar cover of a high-energy song from the Spirit Tracks game
6:31 Banjo Kazooie - Gruntilda's Lair Archive Mysterious The theme song for the villain's lair in the Banjo Kazooie game.
3:29 Corridors of Time (Zeal Theme) Chrono Trigger Guitar Cover Archive Melancholic A guitar cover of the theme song from the Zeal Kingdom in the Chrono Trigger game.
1:53 Final Fantasy VII Aerith Aeris Music Box Limited Edition by Squaresoft Rare Expensive Antique Archive Sentimental A limited edition music box with the theme song of the character Aerith from Final Fantasy VII.
3:09 Realm Overworld (LoZ Spirit Tracks) on Violin Archive Serene A violin cover of the overworld theme song from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks game.
1:27 Worlds Fastest Piano Juggler Part - 2 The Son. Archive Energetic A video of a person juggling while playing piano at an incredibly fast pace.
51:17 Jinsang - Solitude [Full BeatTape] Archive Calm A full album of lo-fi beats by Jinsang with a focus on solitude and relaxation.
34:13 Dozing off again... Archive Sleepy The ellipsis in the title suggests a continuation of a previous thought or dream.
5:59 We Are Number One - 60s / 70s Orchestra Style Cover (Lazy Town Remix) [LarryInc64] Archive Nostalgic A nostalgic remix of the popular children's show Lazy Town's "We Are Number One" song in an orchestral style.
3:53 Tuvan Throat Singing Archive Spiritual Traditional music style of Tuvan people, known for its unique vocal techniques.
29:18 Chiptune - Slime Girls - Vacation Wasteland (Full Album) Archive Energetic A full album of chiptune music by Slime Girls, with a focus on vacation and fun.
3:21 Sonic R - Super Sonic Racing - Otamatone Deluxe Cover || mklachu Archive mklachu
3:01 Mushroom Hill Act 1 - Sonic Mania Remix Archive Groovy A remix of the Mushroom Hill Act 1 song from Sonic Mania with a groovy twist.
28:51 if you carry your childhood with you, you never become older Archive Reflective A quote attributed to Tom Stoppard, suggesting that holding onto your childhood can keep you youthful.
3:29 A piano Perspective: Chrono Trigger - Corridors of Time Archive Calm A piano cover of the theme song "Corridors of Time" from the Chrono Trigger game.
1:59 [Accordion]Kass' Theme (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild OST)-remake! Archive Playful A playful remake of the accordion-heavy theme song of Kass from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game.
5:47 RoboCop Gameboy Title Theme (best quality) Archive Futuristic The title theme song for the RoboCop game on Gameboy.
2:45 Gary Numan - Trois Gymnopedies (First Movement) Archive Calm A calming and slow instrumental piece originally composed by Erik Satie.
5:00 Daft Punk - Something About Us - Randy George Theremin Archive Romantic A mellow and romantic electronic song about a relationship.
4:53 Clair de Lune - Claude Debussy - Randy George, theremin Archive Dreamy A slow and dreamy classical piano piece.
4:36 Rolling Down The Street, In My Katamari Archive Energetic An upbeat and energetic instrumental song from the Katamari Damacy video game.
4:46 Don't Go Outside Archive Melancholy A moody and melancholic song about staying indoors.
0:00 [Deleted video] Archive
53:33 Lo-fi for Witches (Only) [lofi / calm / chill beats] Archive Calm A chill lo-fi instrumental mix with a witchy vibe.
4:56 Creep - Vintage Postmodern Jukebox Radiohead Cover ft. Haley Reinhart Archive Jazzy A jazzy and vintage-style cover of the Radiohead song "Creep."
54:44 Flamingosis - A Groovy Thing (Full Album) Archive Funky A funky and groovy instrumental album with upbeat rhythms.
12:25 randal b. - few loosies (BEAT TAPE) Archive Laid-back A laid-back and relaxing instrumental beat tape.
3:28 hyper potions & skye rocket ★ mania ★ (sonic mania vocal theme) Archive Energetic An energetic and catchy vocal theme song from the Sonic Mania video game.
5:37 Tails’ Theme - Found My Way (Feat. Stemage) Archive Hopeful A hopeful and uplifting instrumental song from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
4:19 Clint Eastwood (GORILLAZ) on Triple Neck Guitar - Luca Stricagnoli - Fingerstyle Guitar Cover Archive Mysterious A mysterious and haunting fingerstyle guitar cover of the Gorillaz song.
31:24 Chrono Trigger • Beautiful & Relaxing Piano Covers 🎹 #tenpers Archive Relaxing Relaxing and beautiful piano covers of songs from the video game Chrono Trigger.
28:54 Relaxing/Lofi Wind Waker Mix • Cozy Gaming Archive Calm A calming and peaceful lo-fi mix featuring music from the Legend of Zelda game Wind Waker.
4:23 Joe Cash - For Mom (Official Video) Archive Sentimental A sentimental and heartfelt song dedicated to the singer's mother.
2:45 Gorillaz - 5/4 (Animatic) Archive Upbeat An upbeat and catchy song with an unusual time signature.
5:14 My Time Archive Empowering An empowering and uplifting pop song.
5:10 Super Mario World Ending Theme sight-read by Tom Brier Archive Nostalgic A nostalgic and fun piano rendition of the ending theme from the Super Mario World game.
2:20 Chemical Plant Zone | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - FANMADE Archive Energetic A fan-made remix of the energetic and upbeat song from the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 game.
10:35 The Newfangled Four - Hello My Baby... Through the Years Archive Playful A playful and fun a cappella cover of the classic song "Hello My Baby."
601:01 Relaxing Sleep Music + Rain Sounds - Relaxing Music, Beautiful Piano Music, Stress Relief Archive Relaxing A relaxing and soothing instrumental mix with rain sounds for stress relief and sleep.
5:46 Suburban Supernatural Archive Mysterious A mysterious and haunting instrumental song with a supernatural vibe.
0:00 [Deleted video] Archive
57:42 Lo-fi for Ghosts (Only) Archive Eerie An eerie and ghostly lo-fi instrumental mix.
2:49 Toots and The Maytals - Broadway Jungle (Original version) Archive Energetic A classic reggae song from the 1960s about the concrete jungle of New York City.
2:55 Green Hill Zone Archive Uplifting The iconic theme song from the classic Sonic the Hedgehog game, known for its upbeat melody.
1:47 Gymnopédie No.1 - Erik Satie [Mario Paint Composer ♫ Advanced Mario Sequencer] Archive Relaxing A peaceful and calm classical piano piece, arranged using the Mario Paint Composer program.
0:00 [Deleted video] Archive Sad A melancholic song about a failed relationship and the feeling of being unappreciated.
16:38 i gave you everything and it still wasn’t enough Archive Nostalgic A dreamy and nostalgic song used in the trailer for the video game "Omori."
3:57 Bo en - my time (Typography/Lyrics - Omori trailer music) Archive Calming A lo-fi hip-hop instrumental that creates a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere.
49:52 Night on the Mountain - lofi hip hop [study/sleep/homework music] Archive
3:06 Goodnight Punpun Archive Dark A melancholic song with a dark tone, inspired by the manga "Goodnight Punpun."
2:40 Chuck Rock Theme played by Machinae Supremacy Archive Energetic A heavy metal rendition of the theme song from the classic video game "Chuck Rock."
39:59 Lo-fi for Ghosts (Only) 2 Archive Eerie A haunting and atmospheric lo-fi song that creates an eerie mood.
30:01 Coffee shop vibes... 😴 Archive Relaxing A cozy and relaxing instrumental that creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere.
3:46 My Girl - The Temptations (SKA PUNK Cover) Archive Upbeat An energetic and upbeat ska punk cover of the classic Motown song "My Girl."
4:36 Rolling Down The Street, In My Katamari Archive Playful An energetic and playful song from the video game "Katamari Damacy."
0:32 Boomer USA (with audio) Archive Patriotic A patriotic song that celebrates the United States and its culture.
31:22 Mac Demarco - Salad Days (Full album) Archive Chill A laid-back and relaxed indie rock album that creates a chill and carefree mood.
3:11 My Sweet Passion (EuRosy Mix) Archive Romantic A romantic and dreamy remix of the song from the video game "Sonic Adventure."
2:35 We are number one but it's a boss battle theme. Archive Epic An epic and intense remix of the song from the children's TV show "LazyTown."
73:01 SUPER FUTURE FUNK MIX Archive Groovy A funky and groovy mix of various songs that create an upbeat and lively mood.
0:00 [Private video] Archive
0:00 [Private video] Archive
3:37 BANNERS - Start A Riot (Audio) Archive Energetic An energetic and anthemic alternative rock song that creates an intense and powerful mood.
3:50 Corridors of Time (To Far Away Times: Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross Arrangement Album) Archive Melancholic A melancholic and atmospheric instrumental from the video game "Chrono Trigger."
2:18 XXXTENTACION - MOONLIGHT (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) Archive Dark A dark and moody hip-hop song with introspective lyrics about depression and loneliness.
4:41 Carole & Tuesday "Move Mountains" by Angela (Extended) Archive Inspiring An uplifting and motivating pop song from the anime series "Carole & Tuesday" with an extended version by Angela.
2:30 Other Friends... But it's 16-bit, has vocals and is actually synced well. Archive Energetic A remix of the song "Other Friends" from the Steven Universe movie, featuring vocals and a 16-bit style.
3:38 Sonic 3 & Knuckles - Unused Super Sonic [???] Theme (Refined) Archive Adventurous An unused theme from the video game Sonic 3 & Knuckles, remastered and refined. The song has an adventurous feel.
43:30 Space Traveling [Lo-Fi / Jazz Hop / Chill Mix] Archive Relaxing A chill lo-fi and jazz-hop mix with a relaxing vibe, perfect for studying or unwinding.
3:18 Comic Bakery Commodore 64 Loader Tune Archive Playful An upbeat and playful chiptune track from the video game "Comic Bakery" for the Commodore 64.
25:35 DAYDREAM | TOKYO RAIN | LO FI MIX Archive Relaxing A lo-fi mix featuring soft beats, piano, and rain sounds. The song creates a dreamy, calming atmosphere perfect for unwinding and relaxing.
4:25 Billie Jean But Every Instrument Is A Spring Door Stopper Archive Humorous A humorous remix of the Michael Jackson hit "Billie Jean," where every instrument is replaced with a spring door stopper sound.
0:00 [Deleted video] Archive N/A No information available about this video.
7:15 Fly In The Freedom (Rouge's Theme) cover feat. RoBKTA | Sonic Adventure 2 Archive Uplifting A cover of "Fly in the Freedom" from the video game "Sonic Adventure 2" featuring vocals and an uplifting feel.