Sonic Mania Animation Reference Table

GIF FileName Category Character Order Animation Name Description
CHAR_Idle Common CHAR 1 Idle Standing still.
CHAR_Bored-1 Common CHAR 2 Bored-1 Animation when bored.
CHAR_Bored-2 Common CHAR 3 Bored-2 Animation when really really bored.
CHAR_Look-Up Common CHAR 4 Look-Up
CHAR_Crouch Common CHAR 5 Crouch
CHAR_Push Common CHAR 6 Push Pushing a wall, or box.
CHAR_Hurt Common CHAR 7 Hurt Getting hit, losing rings.
CHAR_Die Common CHAR 8 Die
CHAR_Drown Common CHAR 9 Drown
CHAR_Edge-F Common CHAR 10 Edge-F Balancing on an edge, when facing Forward.
CHAR_Edge-B Common CHAR 11 Edge-B Balancing on an edge, when Back is facing the edge.
CHAR_Breathe Common CHAR 12 Breathe Gulping an air bubble, under water.
CHAR_Flume Common CHAR 13 Flume Getting launched in the air, similar to "Hurt" animaton.
CHAR_Victory Common CHAR 14 Victory End of level victory animation.
CHAR_Spring-1 Common CHAR 15 Spring-1 Springing into air, twirling.
CHAR_Spring-2 Common CHAR 16 Spring-2 Springing at an angle.
CHAR_Walk Moving CHAR 17 Walk Slowest moving speed. On ground.
CHAR_Jog Moving CHAR 18 Jog Faster than walking, slower than running.
CHAR_Run Moving CHAR 19 Run 2nd fastest speed.
CHAR_Dash Moving CHAR 20 Dash Top speed.
CHAR_Spindash Moving CHAR 21 Spindash
CHAR_Roll Moving CHAR 22 Roll Rolling in a ball.
CHAR_Jump Moving CHAR 23 Jump Jumping in the air (if different from Roll animation)
CHAR_Falling Moving CHAR 24 Falling Fallling animation, after a spring or glide.
CHAR_Skid Moving CHAR 25 Skid The first part of skidding animation.
CHAR_Skid-Turn Moving CHAR 26 Skid-Turn The second part of skidding animation, when turning around.
CHAR_Hang Hanging CHAR 27 Hang Hanging from a bar in the ceiling.
CHAR_Hang-Move Hanging CHAR 28 Hang-Move Monkey bars animation.
CHAR_Pole-Swing-V Hanging CHAR 29 Pole-Swing-V Swinging vertically on a pole, facing the camera.
CHAR_Pole-Swing-H Hanging CHAR 30 Pole-Swing-H Swinging horizontally on a pole.
CHAR_Pole-Spin Hanging CHAR 31 Pole-Spin Spinning around a pole, facing left/right.
CHAR_Pulley-Hold Hanging CHAR 32 Pulley-Hold Holding a pulley that goes up a slope.
CHAR_Shimmy-Idle Hanging CHAR 33 Shimmy-Idle Holding a bar from ceiling, facing the screen.
CHAR_Shimmy-Move Hanging CHAR 34 Shimmy-Move Bar from ceiling, facing screen, moving sideways.
CHAR_Cling Hanging CHAR 35 Cling Clinging to a pannel or pole, while being blown away.
CHAR_Bungee Hanging CHAR 36 Bungee Bungee jump, with rope on feet.
CHAR_Swing Hanging CHAR 37 Swing Swinging on a pole or rope.
CHAR_Rail-Grind Gimmicks CHAR 38 Rail-Grind Grinding on a rail
CHAR_Corkscrew-Run Gimmicks CHAR 39 Corkscrew-Run Running through a corkscrew.
CHAR_Corkscrew-Stand Gimmicks CHAR 40 Corkscrew-Stand Standing still while rotating in a corkscrew fashion.
CHAR_Fan Gimmicks CHAR 41 Fan Being lifted in the air by a fan.
CHAR_Turntable Gimmicks CHAR 42 Turntable Spinning on a turntable (or bar stool)
CHAR_Twister Gimmicks CHAR 43 Twister A 360 standing turn-around animation.
CHAR_Spiral-Run Gimmicks CHAR 44 Spiral-Run Running while rotating in place.
CHAR_Stick Gimmicks CHAR 45 Stick Stick to a wall for a wall jump (Mania CPZ)
CHAR_Bubble Gimmicks CHAR 46 Bubble Trapped in an air bubble.
CHAR_Ride Gimmicks CHAR 47 Ride Crouched down, like on a skateboard or vehicle.
CHAR_Twist-Run Gimmicks CHAR 48 Twist-Run A complex run down a twisting ramp.
CHAR_Transform Special CHAR 49 Transform Use Chaos Emeralds, turn Super.
CHAR_Dropdash Special CHAR 51 Dropdash Sonic's iconic Spindash, but charged in the air.