It's Been a While


I haven't updated my site in a while. I've been having some health issues that prevented me from working extensively on a computer.

This new style update is RebeccaPurple themed, which you can read more about here: The “Hidden” Purple Memorial in Your Web Browser | by Victor Algaze | Medium

It's pretty touching. This little girl has made a permanent impact on our global computer infrastructure. The HTML spec has immortalized her. Stuff like that is kinda nice. Most of the HTML spec (including the color names) are all pretty cold and logical. RebeccaPurple adds a much needed human element to the otherwise rigid world of "standardization".

“Rebecca informed us that she was about to be a big girl of six years old, and Becca was a baby name. Once she turned six, she wanted everyone (not just me) to call her Rebecca, not Becca.”

In late June 2014 the proposal was finalized and “rebeccapurple” was now officially the color purple with a hex value of #663399.

When I was making my site, I stumbled upon "rebeccapurple" when typing CSS colors in. Once I read about it, I just had to incorporate the color in my new theme.

In the future I want to add a style-changer cookie, so people can select their own color scheme from a preset of colors. The Absolute Realm has a great implementation of such a thing. So I'll probably use that as reference. Also, check out that cool Earth Bound theme!